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AL7000 Premium Plus


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Breathalyzer AL7000 Premium Breathalyser

AL7000 Premium Plus Breathalyzer AL7000 Breathalyzer As Supplied To The NHS

Discontinued - replaced by superior accuracy CA20 Pro - Click on image above

This is the AL7000 Premium Plus Breathalyzer and is our most accurate semi-conductor digital electronic breathalyzer due to a 3 decimal point digital display. It is the only Breathalyzer unit available in the world, offering click in/click out sensor changes with the 3 decimal point LCD display for great accuracy.

We only stock the AL7000 Premium Plus Pack - which includes the following extras:

New hard pro compact resin carry case (with internal protective foam lining), soft protective carry pouch, 15 mouthpieces, hand strap, full easy user guide instructions, 2 x AA batteries with internal case mouldings to carry extra mouthpieces and spare sensor if required.


AL7000 hard case pro breathalyzer


Read some recent AL7000 reviews:

5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent

'My wife and I have owned this for a few weeks and have used it a couple dozen times. It seems very solidly made and the readings seem reasonable, given our alcohol intake, and reproducible (within about a 5% range). It is important to take a moderately deep breath then start to breathe into the breathalyzer without stopping your expiration. This would seem to best assure a reproducible measurement of an equilibrated air sample from deep in your lungs and not from the trachea, which could represent fresh air that you have just inspired.' Helper. S Oregon

5.0 out of 5 starsVery Good

'I find it consistent and informative. Once you use it, you have a good idea where the border is, and whether or not you need to check. It is not a party toy. But it sure is excellent for what I presume is its intended use. Great purchase. Plus my wife gave me a hard time for buying it, and now has apologized and thinks it was a terrific purchase.' RT Sender NC

5.0 out of 5 stars Very Good

'I did a ton of research before I bought this product and so I had high expectations when I received it. It seems to be very accurate as long as you have waited 20 minutes or so since your last drink. It is very reliable and easy to carry in my purse and very lightweight. I'd recommend it. Pricey, but a good investment! ' Namaste Coo

The Large, Clear LCD display - 3 Digits


Also marketed as the Alcomate Phoenix on other websites. The Alcomate Phoenix is the US version at £100 plus ! We sell the UK model - calibrated to the UK standard of mg/l and you get all the great extra features of the Premium Plus testing pack.

This is a highly popular and accurate model, and features the very best sensor technology. The unit looks and feels sophisticated, incorporating the very best in build quality.

The AL7000 Premium Plus features a large, clear, 3 digit decimal point LCD no nonsense display. This ensures unrivalled accuracy amongst semi conductor digital breathalyzers meaning that there are 350 incremental steps to the UK driving limit of 0.350 mg/l. The unit can be used in any country however.


Rear Of AL7000 Prestige Plus Showing Easy Click out Sensor Change

Rear Of AL7000 Prestige Plus Showing Easy Click out Sensor Change


The AL7000 Premium Plus also has the enviable feature of user calibration - click in/click out sensor change. The sensor can be easily replaced by opening a small door at the rear of the unit and simply clicking out and then clicking in a new sensor to ensure ongoing accuracy and minimal down time. Perfect for employee screening and individuals requiring minimal downtime and high level accuracy.


Rear of AL7000 shoeing sensor access door


Customers Buying The AL7000 Premium Plus :

AL7000 Breathalyzer As Supplied To The NHS

NHS Casualty Departments, Employers Intending To Screen Employees, Transport Professionals, Pilots & Individuals Requiring High Accuracy.


We can supply extra mouthpieces if required and would recommend additional mouthpieces for employee testing.

If you are likely to be doing bulk testing of employees on a regular basis then you should seriously consider the Alcovisor Mk X, or Drager 6510/6810 series. Semi conductor units are unsuitable for very high volume bulk testing as they need recalibrating every 250-300 tests.

Technical Specification

Size:  137 X 73 X 20 (mm)
Weight: 105g (Including batteries)

Compliance: DOT/NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Approved
Warming Up time: Below 20 seconds
Response Time: 5 sec
Recycle Time: 10 seconds
Sensor: Zinc Oxide Semiconductor
Accuracy ±0.01% at 0.10% BAC
- Displaying 3 Digit Accuracy (Our Most Accurate Semi Conductor Unit - 3 Decimal Place Accuracy )
Battery Life: Over 200 tests
Power supply: 2x "AA" Alkaline (Included)
Auto power off
Battery Low Indication


Are You An Employer ?

Consider Our AL7000 Premium Pro Pack - Great Value

AL7000 Premium & Spare Pre Calibrated Sensor & 50 Extra Mouthpieces


12 Month Warranty

Free Postage (UK) - We Also Ship Overseas

Same Day Dispatch



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£18.00 inc vat & free delivery



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