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Liability - IMPORTANT - Please Read Carefully

A digital breathalyzer should be used only as a screening device and may only give an indication of the possible presence of alcohol in the blood of the test subject. It is extremely important that fitness to drive or operate machinery is not based on the result of any breathalyser test. By buying from us you agree to this.

If you are an employer then you must be aware of the accuracy levels and certification levels of various breathalyser devices. All alcohol screening tests must be backed up by a Home Office Approved Device and a blood or urine test if disciplinary action or termination of employment is to be carried out. We will not be responsible for any actions taken by you.

There is no 'safe' alcohol limit. If you have consumed any alcohol you should not attempt to DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY.

The exact concentration of alcohol in the blood of the test subject cannot be accurately determined by using a breathlayzer. Correlation between breath alcohol content and blood alcohol content depends on many variables. Breathalyserdirect disclaims liability for incidental, special, or consequential damages of any nature. We make no warranties as to the accuracy of any articles or information on this site. You should always consult with a legal professional if in doubt. All of our breathalyzer units, with the exception of the Drager & Lion series are non Home Office approved and therefore should be used for screening only. A home office approved calibrated unit, blood test or urine sample will be required if action is to be taken against an individual or employee for breach of contract or in the event of disciplinary action due alcohol consumption. We do not offer advice/recommendations regarding disciplinary procedures against individuals suspected of alcohol abuse/intoxication in any way, and as such will not enter into any dialogue or written communications regarding such.

Breathalyserdirect and its subsidiary companies will not be liable for any loss incurred by you as a consequence of alcohol influence in any way. We will not be liable for any loss through misuse of our website, by any unauthorised access to, by any alteration of data transmissions, any corruption of data, any destruction of data, or any other loss incurred.

All accuracy levels are quoted from the manufacturers supplied figures and may or may not be achieved in day to day use dependent on test conditions. We will not be held liable for failure to achieve the quoted accuracy levels in any way. You accept this by agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Alcodigital and Sentech Products

Please be aware that we no longer supply any products branded with 'Alcodigital'. The Draeger 3000 device purchased from us does NOT carry Alcodigital branding and is a genuine Draeger (Germany) manufactured device. After our current stock of Sentech AL2500, AL6000 and AL7000 products are sold, we will no longer stock products manufactured by Sentech (Korea) Ltd and will replace this range with a highly accurate fuel cell device coming shortly. All Sentech products imported for sale into the UK from 01 April 2015 will be sold under the 'Alcodigital' brand and NOT 'Alcoscan'.

Breathalyser Direct Ltd own the trademark to 'Alcoscan'.

Breathalyzer & Drug Test Sales Terms

These terms and conditions cover all purchases from Breathalyser Direct, UK Breathalyzer Shop , Breathalyzer Solutions & Irish Breathalyzer Shop. & Drug Test Direct. By buying from us you accept these terms.

Use of Logos/Trademarks

Use of logos and Trademarks from ITV, BBC, Channel 5's Fifth Gear, NHS and any other organisation appear with the approval of the relevant organisations on the understanding that the use of said logo does not imply an endorsement or otherwise from that organisation of any of our products.

AL6000 Sensors

All our sensors are red based sensors calibrated in mg/l. If you have a green based sensor then you must not replace with a red coloured base. The green based sensor was phased out by the manufacturer in 2007. We no longer support this type of sensor. Please ensure that you are aware of the colour of your current sensor and unit of measurement.



Please allow up to 21 working days for delivery at busy times of year eg December.

Alcohol Testing Breathalyzer units & Drug Tests are normally dispatched the same day. However during busy periods this may not be possible. If you require guaranteed next day delivery, then you should contact us by telephone to request this service - an additional postage fee for guaranteed next day will be levied - normally £6 on standard orders. This is not available after for orders placed after 3.00pm ?

Free Delivery applies to UK mainland orders only.

Exceptionally where a breathalyzer is out of stock, we will advise you by E mail as soon as possible giving you the option to cancel your breathalyzer order and be credited with a full refund.
Please contact us directly for shipping to other destinations or for bulk orders.

On international breathalyzer orders, where your breathalyzer is returned to us because of failed delivery, we reserve the right to charge for the return postage on your breathalyzer.

On other orders containing an error (for example wrong unit ordered by mistake or quantity error) we will refund or replace as required. Postage return fees will not be refunded where the error is not our fault.

Most of our goods are dispatched requiring a signature on delivery (Recorded/Special Delivery). If the goods are not delivered successfully then we will lodge a claim on your behalf against Royal Mail. Please note that no claims will be accepted by ourselves or Royal Mail where a proof of delivery signature has been obtained. We are also unable to lodge a claim against Royal Mail until 15 working days after the posting date.

Therefore, even though goods normally arrive within 24-48hrs, where an item is 'lost', we are able to refund only after 15 working days have elapsed in accordance with Royal Mail Terms & Conditions.

In addition where goods have been despatched and not received, we require that notification of any non delivery be made to us within 21 days of the date of order. No claims for lost items will be accepted after this period, as we are unable to lodge a claim for missing or damaged items outside 21 days.

- we take no responsibility for a parcel once delivered to the requested address.

Pricing or Website Errors

We will not be liable for pricing errors. If you place an order for a product that was incorrectly priced, we will cancel your order and credit you for any charges. In the event that we inadvertently ship an order based on a pricing error, we will issue a revised invoice to you for the correct price and contact you to obtain your authorization for the additional charge, or assist you with return of the product. If the pricing error results in an overcharge to you, we will credit your account for the amount overcharged.

If a discount code is applied to a product that we are unable to accept due to a website error then we will contact you to offer an alternative or issue you with a full refund.

Returns & 7 day money back guarantee on your Breathalyzer

Your right to cancel, or the 'cooling-off' period

The Distance Selling Regulations give you the right to change your mind and cancel an order within seven working days.

We want you to be totally satisfied with your breathalyzer from Breathalyserdirect. Our aim is to offer a first class service. If, however, you change your mind, then simply tell us that you intend to return the breathalyzer in its original and unused condition, along with the packaging. You must call us beforehand to receive a returns authorisation number. We will not be liable for return postage charges.

You can cancel your order at any time up to and including 7 days after delivery date. After 7 days you will be deemed to have accepted the goods and returns, unless faulty, will be under the terms laid out in the final paragraph of this section.

We can not accept returned breathalyzer units that have been blown into unless faulty. We recommend that you return via recorded delivery. We will levy a standard charge of £10.00 to cover administration/ restocking as well as any postage costs. We are unable to accept returns on used breathalyzer units unless faulty. This offer does not apply to Drager units.

Your statutory rights remain unaffected. Return of the device is at your expense - insurance is strongly recommended.

Returns outside the 7 day period, unless goods are faulty, will be accepted at our sole discretion and will incur a restocking and administration charge of £30 plus the cost of our original insured shipping - regardless of the initial cost of the breathalyser. The breathalyser must be in an unused, and as new condition.

The definition 'as new' means that the goods must be in the same condition as when dispatched from our premises. ie Unused, undamaged with original packaging intact. No exceptions will be allowed unless faulty.

Distance Selling Regulations

We abide by the distance selling regulations as applicable in the UK.

Due to health and hygiene regulations, no exchanges on breathalysers that have been blown into will be accepted unless faulty.

The OFT and DTI guidance with regards to Distance Selling Regulations do not apply when 'goods cannot be restored in the same physical state as they were supplied' . A used breathalyser falls under this category as it is not possible to restore the device to a new unused state and there is an obvious health and hygiene implication.

Warranty Claims

For a warranty claim or any return you must contact us before hand to receive a return number. All units should be returned in original packaging or, if unavailable, suitable protective wrapping eg bubble wrap and padded envelope. We will not be liable for units returned to us without suitable protection and subsequently found to be damaged. We recommend that you return all units by Royal Mail Special Delivery which will cover transit insurance.

All units with the exception of the AL2500 series (6mth warranty) are warranted by the manufacturers for a period of 12mths from the date of purchase. This applies to the UK & Eire only. The warranty does not cover accidental or incidental damage of any kind caused by misuse and recalibration is specifically excluded. If a warranty claim is valid, then in the first instance a repair will be carried out if possible, including a replacement sensor if found to be faulty.

Please note that for replacement sensor models, it is imperative that the correct sensor type is bought from us when required. Sensors purchased from non approved suppliers (eg E Bay) may invalidate the warranty. Failure to fit the correct sensor may affect the function of the unit and will invalidate the manufacturer's warranty.

Replacement of your Breathalyser

Under no circumstances will we dispatch a replacement breathalyser until we have received the alleged faulty unit back . In consultation with the manufacturers we will repair or replace as appropriate. Be advised that this may take up to 28 days as in some cases the manufacturer may wish to examine the unit in accordance with its quality control program.

The sensor is specifically excluded from warranty claims if the manufacturer's instructions have not been complied with :

1. blowing into any device shortly after consuming alcohol may damage the sensor. It is important that you wait at least 15 minutes before testing.

2. blowing in a breath sample that is contaminated by food/smoke/nicotine or liquids of any kind will damage the sensor.

In addition warranty claims as a result of damage caused by incorrect removal/insertion of replaceable sensors on The AL6000/7000 series is specifically excluded. All sensors have a finite life period in normal use and recalibration due to sensor life expiry is not covered by the warranty. Please be advised that semi conductor type sensor breathalysers (AL2500, AlcoSAFE, AL6000 & AL7000) have limitations and can not reciprocate the accuracy of any Fuel Cell unit. Low levels of alcohol do not always register on these units. If you require a unit registering low levels we recommend the fuel cell sensor type breathalysers.

If you return your unit to us because you are unhappy then we will try our best to resolve the problem. If we are unable to reproduce an alleged fault then we may, at our sole discretion, offer an upgrade to an alternative unit, normally at a discount to the full retail price. By accepting the upgrade you accept that we are unable to reproduce the fault and any future claims regarding the old unit are null and void.

If you return your unit to us and we are unable to find any fault then we reserve the right to charge you for the postal return of your breathalyser.


All breathalyzer units start to lose their accuracy after a period of time. A recalibration requirement would normally present (but not in every case) as spurious/unreliable readings inconsistent with the alcohol consumed.

The manufacturers recommend recalibration after approx 250 tests or 6 -12 mths of use. Frequent testing (ie high volume testing of 100+ tests within a relatively short period) will also affect the sensor life. If you are likely to test in the high volume regime then a semi- conductor sensor is not suitable and you should consider the Alcovisor or Lion/Drager fuel cell units.

This is a rough guide, and individual breathalyzer units will vary dependent on conditions such as storage conditions, breath sample purity (eg nicotine and residual food particles will shorten life).

We do not offer recalibration in our workshop for the Draeger 3000 series, this will be sent to a partner company for the procedure and normally takes 7 days to complete. The price to you as the customer is unaffected. We are able to recalibrate all other marks of breathalyser that we sell our workshop in the UK. Breathalyzer calibration is specifically excluded from the manufacturers warranty.

WEEE Regulations

What is WEEE?

WEEE is waste electronic and electrical equipment.

Every year in the UK households throw away around 1 million tonnes of it and many items are not treated or recycled and are buried in landfill sites. This wastes resources and puts a major strain on the environment. In addition, there are possibly potential effects on human health as a result of the presence of hazardous substances in EEE.

Under the WEEE requirement, each member state under Article 2 of the directive is required to minimise the disposal of WEEE as unsorted municipal waste and should achieve a high level collection of WEEE for treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal.

What are WEEE Regulations?

The regulations are European Law, aiming to tackle the growing amount of WEEE that is disposed of by setting targets for recycling and making producers (manufacturers or importers) pay for treating and recycling end-of-life electrical equipment. It aims to minimise the amount of WEEE householders throw out with their general rubbish. By keeping WEEE separate from other waste it can be treated, the hazardous substances can be removed and a large amount of waste can be recycled rather than sent to landfill.

What are we doing to comply with WEEE Regulations?

We are committed to reducing the amount of WEEE that goes to land fill. We are offering a free take back scheme. Any customer who purchases a blood pressure monitor or breathalyser device from us is able to give us their old like-for-like product for us to dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

This can only be offered when an old product has the same use as the new product, for example, blood pressure monitor for blood pressure monitor or breathalyser for breathalyser. You must deliver this back to us within 28 days of purchasing your new item.

You must deliver the item back to us by dropping off at our premises or posting back to us at the address below. We will refund your postage fee if you choose to return to us by mail.

Breathalyser Direct Ltd

Unit 1, Kingham Rd

Churchill, Oxon OX7 6NE

All electrical items received on our Take Back Scheme will be taken to a regulated WEEE compliant recycling site.

How can I tell if a product comes under the WEEE Regulations?

You can tell which products are covered by the WEEE regulations by looking out for the 'crossed out wheeled bin symbol'. From 13th August 2005, all new electrical products placed on the market must have this symbol:


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By ordering from us you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

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